CELEBRATION CONCERT - Friday, September 11

A Celebration Concert opened the festival, featuring the three judges for the competition who will played selections of their choosing, along with the glorious sounds of the Legacy of Spirituals Choir, Ingrid Faniel, Director and the Festival Choir, under the direction of David Spicer, Minister of Music, and co-founder of the Albert Schweitzer Organ Festival. Dr. Ezequiel Menendez, Director of Music at the Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford, accompanied the Festival Chorus.

ORGAN COMPETITION  Saturday, September 12

High School Division Results

1st Place - Adrian Binkley from Madison, Wisconsin

2nd Place - Aaron Patterson from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3rd Place - Elena Baquerizo from Miami, Florida

Young Professional Division Results

1st Place - Monica Czausz from Houston, Texas

2nd Place - Robin Ericksen from Macon, Georgia

3rd Place - Mary Pan from Burlington, Connecticut

MASTERCLASS - Sunday, September 13

All finalists in both divisions participated in a master class with the judges and awards were presented

All events were held at First Church of Christ, Wethersfield

Left to right:

John Walker - Judge

Elena Baquerizo, 3rd Place HS Division

Aaron Patterson, 2nd Place HS Division

Robin Ericksen, 2nd Place, YP Division

Adrian Binkley, 1st Place, HS Division

Mary Pan, 3rd Place, YP Division

Monica Czausz, 1st Place, YP Division

Diane Meredith Belcher - Judge

(Peter Conte, Judge, had a prior conflicting engagement when picture was taken.)

2015 Finalists & Judges

Monica Czausz receiving 1st prize check from David

Spicer, ASOF Artistic Director

Console - FCC, Wethersfield

Historic First Church - Wethersfield, CT

David Spicer played his own improvisations on the hymn “This Is the Feast” for the Prelude at the Celebration Concert. Here is a link to the works as he first improvised  them at Winchester Cathedral in July, 2015:

#3 FANFARES and #4 PASTORALE from Suite on

This Is The Feast

Bios - 2015 Judges